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If you like potent concentrates such as Shatter you are in the right spot. We provide shatter in quantities from a single gram up to 8 ounces. Thanks to our local BC producers, we are happy to offer to the most discerning smokers shatters at the best price on the market. Shop shatter online now!

Shatter is the solidified form of BHO Butane hash oil, which looks like a glassy amber. The level of THC can reach up to 90%, which makes Shatter one of the most powerful concentrates in the market.

We have Shatter made out of the most iconic Marijuana strains, such as Bruce Banner, Lemon Cake, Pineapple Express. If you have a favourite strain, you should try its Shatter version!


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Buy the best quality Shatter online in Canada

All our Shatters are quality checked and we can ensure you will only find the top-shelf quality on our website. If you have any doubts check out our reviews under each product.

If you want to experience shatter you have different options, you can consume it by adding a small piece to a pipe, bong or dabbing rig.

If you haven’t taken Shatter before, we recommend starting with low doses and wait to see how it affects you in order to determine your tolerance level. If you have a friend that is used to the product you should first trying it out together first. Enjoy! But responsibly.

Buy Wholesale Shatter Online in Canada

We are proud of being your source for shatter in Canada. Our Shatter is the highest quality Butane hash oil available, and we can offer it to you at wholesale prices. We start with the best producers in Canada and carefully craft our Shatter, yielding potency in precise doses. This is a highly accurate way to know exactly how much to consume. You can buy quantities from a single gram up to eight ounces.

The Best Quality Shatter is From Cannawholesalers

Cannawholesalers provides the highest quality shatter thanks to our local producers in BC. We start with the highest standards of quality anywhere. The most discriminating smokers consider our Shatter to be the best quality at the best price on the market.

The purity of our Shatter has a lot to do with the filtration process. Extracting cannabinoids, which include CBD and THC, the result is a glass-like appearance, mostly due to the purity of the process. One aspect of our careful craftsmanship results in a level of THC that can reach up to 90%! That is one of the most powerful concentrates on the market.

We make sure we quality check all of our Shatter so that you only end up with the best possible result, consistently, every time. We encourage you to check out our reviews to confirm.

Cannawholesalers is Here to Help You Enjoy Our Shatter

If this is your first-time consuming Shatter, we recommend a lower dose. Wait to see how it affects you. Everyone has a different tolerance level. We want your experience to be as pleasant and as easy as possible. At Cannawholesalers, we’re here to help.

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