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5 differences between cannabis concentrates and flower

There is increasing popularity of cannabis concentrates as a consumption method. Since they are a more concentrated form of cannabis, their level of potency is higher, and maybe a bit much for many. Those consumers will most likely stick to light up a sweetly pungent flower.

There are benefits to opting for concentrates, among them the preference for cleaner, smoother, and less overall odour when consumed, especially when vaporizers are used, as well as the choice of discrete oral consumption.

For some, in the right setting, nothing can beat the flavour and social interaction of great bud.

  1. The Many Names of Concentrates

The term “concentrate” is an over-arching term that represents many types of cannabis extracts. There is a lot to keep track of, especially when you’ve pretty much known what to expect what you’ll get with a flower. There’s a lot to decide on from capsules, tinctures, hash, dabs, oils, budder, wax, BHO, rosin, crumble and shatter; there’s a lot to decide on but mostly varying degrees of potency and purity derived from the same thing… cannabis.

The following concentrates are defined by texture: oil, sap, honeycomb, sugar, crumble, wax, and shatter. What determines a decision for most people is what solvent was used and how compatible it is with their preferred consumption method. When consuming concentrates it is good to remember that a good experience does not necessarily have a direct correlation with THC potency.

Extraction processes: Heat, alcohol, water, hydrocarbons, and CO2. Some may be concerned as to how solvents might affect them, may prefer solventless extracts made using water or heat.

Oils to match your consumption method: From oil capsules and tinctures, a vape pen cartridge, resin or rosin, shatter, or possibly you just feel like dabbing something? Ask your budtender.

  1. The Potency of Concentrates

Concentrates will deliver the highest potency. About double that of flower, so if you’re not used to it, exercise caution. If you have a lot of experience, you can find a variety of accurate potency levels in a concentrate.

  1. The Many Different Ways to Consume

There are relatively few ways to consume cannabis flowers. You can smoke it in a pipe or bong, you can smoke it rolled in a joint, or you can vape it. With concentrates, you have more options.

Dabbing: This is a bit of an advanced method involving a hot nail and inhaling through a glass tube, but this method is on the rise among more advanced cannabis consumers. It is an easy way for them to get a potent dose of cannabinoids.

Oils: As a kind of edible, it does take longer to take effect, due to the metabolizing method, but it is a smoke-free method, is typically high in potency and comes on strong.

Tinctures: A sublingual concentrate, tinctures act faster than edibles due to being dropped under the tongue and entering the bloodstream faster.

Hash and smokable oil: These can be smoked or vaped, or you can get on it and roll up your joints with some hash and/or oil.

  1. Concentrates Have no Plant Matter

Concentrates are all about the compounds and nothing about the plant material. Many people prefer that. These concentrates should be tested to make sure you don’t include some things you wouldn’t want, like pesticides, solvent, and other contaminants. Smoking plant matter has tar and carbon particles that are not good for your lungs. Vaporizing avoids combustion and so is ideal for the health-conscious.

  1. Flowers Sometimes Have More Flavour

Some concentrates actually lose their aroma and flavour during the extraction process, for many extraction processes, it is difficult to preserve terpenes. So many of these processes have had to infuse terpenes into them for added flavour. Many concentrate enthusiasts claim that the flavour is superior to the flower it came from.

You may even consume both depending on the situation or occasion. You might try both simply to determine which you prefer. It’s all here at Canna Wholesalers.

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