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Budder is a type of concentrate formed by the crystallization of cannabis wax. We make our budder from the highest quality trim, cured nugs, or a freshly harvested plant. We offer budder in animal cookies. True to the name, it has a sweet and sour aroma with heavy full-body effects. This product is for advanced consumers.

This potent product is for more severe symptoms, but it treats pain and insomnia effectively. It is best to use a dab tool with a flat tip and a heated “nail.” Whichever way you enjoy budder, choose Cannawholesalers. We’re here to help.

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Budder is formed by the crystallization of cannabis wax as a result of agitation. This results in a solid non-transparent oil. It is very fudge-like, it has also been described as like cake frosting. In this process, residual solvents are removed… to varying degrees. Runnier oils have more moisture and are referred to as budder. The harder versions are referred to as “crumble” or “honeycomb.”

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The appearance and performance of budder depend upon the source, of course. Our source is the finest collection of BC producers in the business, and they’re pretty picky. As they say, “garbage in– garbage out.” We are lucky enough to get the best from the cannabis producers.

Budder came into existence in the ’90s because of a Canadian concentrate maker– BudderKing. Originally distributed through Vancouver’s Da Kine.


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