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We carry a delicious selection of cannabis-infused chocolate edibles, and some other tasty candies, capsules and tinctures. All our Chocolate edibles are made from our top quality Marijuana strains and their concentrates, and we keep them all refrigerated to ensure the best conservation and potency.

If you want a safe and discreet way to consume Marijuana, chocolate edibles are an excellent springboard. Your taste buds will thank you for that, but be careful, and wait for the THC effect before consuming them all!

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Our chocolates come with different strengths of THC, this way you can easily choose the product that is the best for you. It can take up to two hours to start feeling the effects and can last anywhere from 4 hours to 10 hours, depending on the dose you ingested. So if you are not used to it be patient and start with low doses, 20mg should be more than enough for the first time.

Edibles for Medical purposes

Chocolate Edibles are also suitable for those who want to experience the medicinal aspect of the plant. Consuming Marijuana edibles, whether it is THC or CBD, can help you with: anxiety, inflammation, pain, insomnia, nausea, migraines… But everyone is different when it comes to Marijuana chocolate edibles. You might not feel the same benefits or at the same time or for the same duration as your friends. So take time to focus on your senses and how it affects you for a better understanding of how your body reacts.

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