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It is definitely one of our more concentrated efforts. A concentrate made with weed and hash oil, Moon Rocks express super high levels of THC. They are dipped in or sprayed with hash oil, then rolled in kief. Results do vary, but typically the report is around a 50% THC potency. A Moon Rock high is at an altitude that is higher than any other cannabis experience. It starts in the head but eventually spreads throughout your entire body. A Moon Rock high is a slow burn. You do feel the effects instantly, but it does build… and build… and build.

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What is Moon Rock Weed?

Well, the origin of Moon Rock weed is a bit hazy. It’s rather legendary. It was said to have been developed at Starbudz760, with the West Coast Rapper Kurupt.

Moon Rocks produce a very pleasant and tasty “terpene-rich” taste. The smoke is full and rich. Moon Rocks are definitely for the advanced cannabis consumer. Moon Rocks is not a usual flower, so the recommendation is to use a glass pipe or bong. You won’t have much luck trying to roll it into a joint and it would be difficult to keep it lit.

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Put aside all the tasks for the day. Moon Rocks is not a high achieving experience. And be sure to stay hydrated. In fact, keep the water close-at-hand ahead of time. You won’t want to go searching for it later. Find a safe and cozy place… your “center of the universe.”

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