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If you are looking for the best quality Indica in Canada, you are in the perfect spot. With the help of our local BC producers, we carry a wide variety of Indica strains from the Death Tuna to the classic Super skunk.

About Indica strains, you should already know they are the shorter and bushier version of their sister the Sativa. Indica strains effects and benefits are a body high, relaxation, appetite stimulator, sleep aid and pain relief.  All our strains are graded from AA for the mildest to AAAA for the most potent strains. In this way, you are able to choose the product that matches best with your expectations. So don’t wait and enjoy it! Responsibly!

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All our strains are checked for quality. We make sure they were grown correctly, dried and cured. We think this is our job and responsibility to provide our customers with the best dry flowers and not the opposite. If you have a doubt you can always check our previous customers’ reviews, they are speaking from themselves.

Indicas tend to decrease the users’ restless energy, which is why we use to say they are best for nighttime use. Your body will feel relaxed and comfortable after using it. Then you can just chill on the sofa and enjoy an excellent talk or movie with some friends. However, the effects vary for everyone, so there is no one right or bad use for the different types of marijuana strains.

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