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Recently, we have noticed a spike in our customers buying marijuana concentrates – a popular option being THCa diamonds. If you are new to cannabis consumption, or perhaps just used to the “good ol’ days” of sticky bud, this may be the first time you have heard of THCa diamonds.

While not for everybody, Canna Wholesalers is excited to keep them stocked on our shelves and serve as the premier provider for those looking to buy THCa diamonds online in Canada. Check out our Diamonds all locally sourced in BC.

What are THCA Diamonds?

In short, THCa diamonds are a form of cannabis concentrate – meaning users can enjoy all of the active ingredients of the plant while avoiding the consumption of unnecessary compounds. This particular concentrate is called diamonds because of its crystalline appearance following extraction. Similar to other concentrates you need special equipment to properly consume THCa diamonds. E-vapes, vaporizers, and dab rigs are the go-to tools for the job.

How are THCa Diamonds made?

While not super complex, creating THCa diamonds from a marijuana plant should be left to the experts. Those on the production line aim to reduce the complex compounds that occur naturally in a marijuana plant into one highly concentrated product. The goal is to leave these compounds unchanged while extracting them and simultaneously eliminating all excess components that do not deliver any of the therapeutic or recreational benefits of cannabis. Through an involved process of harvesting, heating, and pressurizing users are left with one of the highest potency marijuana products on the market.

Do THCA Diamonds get you high?

THCa diamonds, by themselves, will not get you high – they require considerable heat to activate the THC. When inhaled through a device mentioned above, however, THCa diamonds are incredibly strong and should be reserved for experienced users only. As an example, marijuana flowers will generally have THC content under 25%. When extracted and concentrated, THCa diamonds can boast potencies of nearly 100% THC. As such, extreme caution should be utilized when dealing with THC concentrates.

How much is a gram of THCa diamonds?

Like all marijuana products, if you are looking to buy THCa diamonds online in Canada, Canna Wholesalers is here for you. Generally, a gram of THCa diamonds will run between $50 and $80, largely dependent on the type and quality of the bud used for extraction. While our prices will differ slightly from one product to the next, you can trust that we are always offering the best deals in Canada. Check out our inventory to see for yourself, or contact us today with any questions!

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