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Shopping for Phoenix Tears in Canada? This cannabis concentrate/extract is becoming increasingly popular among medicinal users everywhere. Phoenix Tears may help you to, reduce cancer cell growth, relieve anxiety, induce sleep, increase appetite, nourish the skin, improve heart health. Cannawholesalers offers the highest quality of Phoenix Tears at wholesale prices.

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Forever Phoenix Tears – Infused 600MG THC

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Forever Phoenix Tears – Infused 600MG THC

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THC: 400-480MG   CBD: 30MG  

Marys Classic Tears 1G Syringe Full Spectrum (480MG THC/30MG CBD/27MG CBN)

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Marys Classic Tears 1G Syringe Full Spectrum (480MG THC/30MG CBD/27MG CBN)

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The Origin of Phoenix Tears Concentrate

First, let us introduce you to the person that developed Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson. He changed the perception and role that cannabis plays in our lives. Mr. Simpson is a Canadian cannabis activist. He is also an innovator of cannabis oil. Suffering from basal cell carcinoma, Rick Simpson was faced with exploring options. His doctor refused to consider cannabis treatment. To summarize, he treated himself. After 4 days, the growths had disappeared. Simpson took it upon himself to continually developing hi oil. The rest is history.

Topical Application

Phoenix Tears is the popular name for RSO. There are many ways to apply it, from topically to ingestion. A topical application is easy and does not require any glassware or device.

Vaping Application

Slightly more complicated than topical application largely because it does involve a vape pen. Many vape pens cannot handle the thick, resin-like quality of Phoenix Tears. With our vape pens and our recipe for Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears, it isn’t an issue.

Oral Application

This is a favorite application for cannabis users. Mostly because the effects can be felt in as little as 5 minutes. Cannawholesalers also offers Phoenix Tears in capsule form.

Buy Phoenix Tears, and whatever else you need, from your best online wholesale source, Cannawholesalers. We’re here to help.

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