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Eating candy is an easy and discrete way to take cannabis medication. Edibles that contain THC help with pain relief, sleep, appetite, or other therapeutic reasons. Or, you may not want the psychoactive effects of THC, for those people there is CBD. This cannabidiol is also a most effective, yet non-intoxicating substance found in cannabis.

Cannawholesalers combines mouthwatering candy flavours with a measured slow and smooth release dose of THC. Each candy as a specific amount of THC. Please pay attention to it. Dosing has never been easier.

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We Offer a Wide Range of cannabis Infused Candies & Edibles

You can decide and easily control what you want your THC dosage to be, as our candies vary in dosage. As always, our candies are crafted with the highest levels of quality and safety. We control the potency carefully so that there are no surprises.

For whatever reason you are consuming cannabis, be it to get a better night’s sleep, treat chronic pain, or relieve the side-effects of cancer treatment, Cannawholesalers brings you a wide variety of candies and edibles, as well as a variety of strengths. Cannabis-infused candies are increasingly sought as a more natural, non-synthetic option.

Candies and Edibles Are the Only Cannabis Option for Many

Cannawholesalers offer wholesale prices for high-grade cannabis products, providing you have an order of $150 or more. At Cannawholesalers, we’re here to help.

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