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With over 80 local producers in BC, we provide Hybrid strains at the best quality-price ratio in all the country. You don’t believe us? Check the prices, and you will see by yourself. You might already know, but the most iconic Marijuana strains are Hybrids, here are a few of them: Pineapple Express, Tangerine Dream, Purple Space Tuna, Bruce Banner…

Hybrids are new strains bred from Indica & Sativa parents. The advantage with Hybrids is that they possess, in theory, many or most of both parents’ effects and benefits. Many hybrid strains are a compromise that possesses the ability to fight inflammation and pain while not putting consumers into a slumber or super chill mood.

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Are you craving the best quality Hybrids in the market? Stay where you are; this is the perfect spot!

You will see those famous strains from time to time in our online shop, but as we have a big rotation of strains, they might disappear within a week. If you have a favourite strain, we strongly recommend you to buy at least an ounce. Don’t worry about the quality we check all our strains for quality. We make sure they were properly grown, dried, and cured. Take a look at our reviews, and you will see that people are more than happy with the quality provided.

We distinguish two types of hybrid, the Sativa dominant and the Indica dominant. To recognize the strains’ dominance, look at the Sativa/Indica ratio like 60/40.

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