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Become an Economic Stoner

The 8 Ways to Become an Economic Stoner

Being a stoner has always been expensive over the years. Buying online has made it a lot easier to always have your favourite in stock. It is also proving to be an ideal way to buy weed during the pandemic.

Still, anyone on a budget knows that it is easy to spend a lot of money on weed. Becoming an economic stoner is an efficient way to save money, control your use, and make the weed last longer. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to cannabis or an experienced user, what matters is your ability to organize your consumption.

Here are 8 helpful strategies for managing your cannabis consumption:

  1. Buy in Bulk and ration it: Buying bulk online at wholesale prices is a great way to save money, providing you try not to consume it in bulk. Setting up a structure to follow is a wise idea, that way you can plan your consumption and know how to follow it. Separating out your stash into containers is a great way to control and monitor your intake. Similar to a medicine box, you know exactly what you are dosing each day.
  2. More edibles: Consuming edibles allows you to develop some very efficient habits. Smoking certainly hits you faster, but eating it produces a bigger high that lasts longer. Edibles are a perfect match to buying your weed in bulk at wholesale prices. You’ll need a certain quantity for your edibles, but then you can also make some large batches and store them. In the long run, it is a real money saver.
  3. Use vaporizers: Vaporizers are a very efficient way to consume cannabis. Instead of burning the weed, you are raising the temperature to a pre-combustion level, the heat releases the cannabinoids which produces a vapour, allowing you to re-vape your flower, and the high lasts longer. The vaped weed can also be re-used in edible recipes.
  4. Burn it conservatively: Prepare smaller amounts, you don’t need mass quantities, or a big bowl of weed to get high. Joints or bowls burn up more than you inhale. A small amount of weed is enough to get high.
  5. Smoke fewer times: As a stoner, it is easy to end up smoking all day. But this can make a serious impact on your stash. The rules of rationing are helpful here. If you know ahead of time what you will consume that day, you’ll know when you are overdoing it. Try holding off between consuming sessions. Keeping track of your daily weed consumption makes you more aware and in control.
  6. Store wisely: Storing your weed properly is important on many levels. You can maintain its quality and keep the weed for a longer period. Smaller jars are better because the weed is less oxidized as you access it. You might try different storage options or locations to determine the best results.
  7. Try other herbs: Mullein and damiana are great options to try on off days. If your weed is in the form of a shake, you could try mixing in other herbs with it to augment it and bring in other flavours.
  8. Try a dugout: This is another way of regulating weed, brought to you by wartime soldiers. Combining storage and hit size to keep track of how much you are using and how much you are storing. This method allows you to accurately understand exactly how much weed you require to be stoned.

Canna Wholesalers is All About Efficiency

Buying in bulk at wholesale prices is a great way to spend less on weed. Using other systems for regulating your intake is always smart. Canna Wholesalers provides the best cannabis in Canada, straight from Canada’s cannabis heartland in BC. It would be a shame to waste it.

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