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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter

A Basic Recipe from Canna Wholesalers

This recipe for making cannabis-infused butter does not require you to be either a chef or a connoisseur of cannabis. This is a great way to infuse cannabis into butter that you can then cook with. It is a low-profile, versatile, and useful way to consume cannabis.

Using cannabis butter opens up a whole new demographic for those using weed, removing the usual associations that go along with marijuana. There is a level of sophistication and efficiency that can be associated with the idea of infusing cannabis into butter. It is a great way to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, like pain relief, without lighting up.

The Recipe

  1. Decarboxylating your cannabis: This process is also known as “decarbing.” Bake your weed so that it can bake you. Baking allows the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to activate. Baking the cannabis also enables the lipids to more easily bind to it allowing for a complete cannabis/butter infusion. With ½ ounce of weed, a hand grinder or scissors, a glass baking dish or sheet pan (non-stick, oven-safe), and an oven, you prepare this ingredient by heating the oven to 220° F (104.4° C), break up your buds as you would for a joint, spread the cannabis on the tray, and place in the oven on the center rack from 20 minutes to one hour depending on the moisture content of the weed. Mix it up every 10 minutes, so it doesn’t burn. When it reaches a brownish-green colour, it has decarboxylated.
  2. The Stovetop Infusion: With 1 ½ cup of water, clarified or melted butter, or oil, 1.2 ounces of decarboxylated cannabis, a saucepan, a wooden spoon, a thermometer, and either cheesecloth or a strainer, pour water and butter into a saucepan on very low heat. Once the water and butter are all mixed and in liquid form, add the decarboxylated cannabis. Mix with your wooden spoon and cover, letting it simmer for 4 hours. Use your thermometer to make sure your mixture does not exceed 180° F (82.2° C). After 4 hours, strain the mixture into a container, and let it cool. If stored properly in a sealed mason jar, in a fridge or freezer, it can keep for 6 months. Alternate Crockpot Infusion: You can also use a “slow-cooker” or “crock-pot” by setting it on low (around 160° F, or 71.1° C, but not above 200° F, or 93.3° C). Add a little water to avoid scorching. Then add your butter and ground cannabis mixture (stirring occasionally). Turn off the crockpot after 3 hours and let it cool. Then strain.

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Using or Dosing Weed Butter

It is important to keep track of your dose, homemade weed butter can be a tricky dosing dilemma, as the more inconspicuous the use of the butter is, the more challenging it is to monitor. Also, several factors come into play. First, the initial potency of your cannabis, then the temperature and cooking time, right down to what strain you used. You might test it out by spreading about ¼ to ½ of a teaspoon of the butter on a snack and then waiting for an hour or so. This should help you factor in your recipes moving forward.

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