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Here’s How to Smoke Hash

How to Smoke Hash

Hash, or hashish, is the oldest form of cannabis concentrate and continues to be one of the most popular, because of its tasty, smooth, and potent experience. Although the recipe is over 1,000 years old, it is still the “go-to” concentrate, whether professionally made, or crafted privately.

Since the legalization of cannabis and hash in Canada, the popularity and demand for hash have risen dramatically. It’s a concentrate that pleases experienced consumers and beginners alike.

Buy hash online, it’s safe and convenient. Once you do, you’ll appreciate the experience. Especially if you know how to smoke it.

Here Are Some of the Best Ways

  • Pipe or Bong: A traditional way to smoke before vapes and fabs, pipes and bongs have been an easy method for the best effect. If you heat the hash in a spoon first, it yields better results. If the hash is crumbly, it is easier to place it in a pipe or bong bowl. Adding hash to a bowl with your favourite flower adds strength and flavour.
  • Dab: Dabbing is a popular way of using a hash. A “dab rig” is used for hash and other concentrates. They look similar to glass bongs, only it involves a dab nail, which is heated until red hot and then you can place your hash on the nail with your dabber.
  • Heated Knife: Another older method of using hash, it is considered rather dangerous, and so it is ill-advised. It’s interesting though, in that you squish the hash between two knives and the hash combusts. Then the smoke from the hash is inhaled. This is a tricky process and so, probably not advisable for beginners.
  • Hash Roll: This is usually more successful with high-end rolling papers. If done properly this is an enjoyable and creative way to consume. If you heat your hash, it should be easy to crumble it up and sprinkle it on a flower as you roll a joint. This produces a smooth and potent high. Some consider joints sort of a waste of great weed, but this activity can be highly social and pleasurable.
  • Vaping: Recently, vapes are becoming the most common way to consume hash. The popularity is mostly because vaporizers are very portable and versatile, and depending upon the quality of the vaporizer, they are also a healthier and more efficient way to consume hash as they do not cause combustion, and you inhale vapour and not smoke.

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