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How to Use Shatter for the Maximum Effect

What is Shatter?

Shatter is the purest cannabis extract. This cannabis derivative has been dubbed shatter for its glass-like appearance, and that it can break like glass, or be broken up into smaller pieces to smoke. This transparent, amber-coloured extract is also high in tasty terpenes.

Shatter is a concentrated extract of cannabis that has a very high THC potency. Shatter containing high levels of CBD is also available, but shatter is mostly purchased and used for its potent recreational purposes.

Shatter’s high also lasts for a long time. With 80% to 90%, cannabinoid content compared to 40% to 60% in regular cannabis, it is the undisputed most potent form of cannabis extract. It has been specifically designed to produce the best and most powerful high and is the best choice for those interested in taking their cannabis use to the next level.

Using Shatter

Shatter is most effective when smoked or vaped. Three main ways are the most common.

  • Joints: For those without a device to smoke, vape, or dab, there is always the joint. For those just starting, it is easy, just sprinkle some shatter on your weed, roll it up in a joint and smoke. You should know, however, that if combining it with bud, and burning it to smoke, you may not get to appreciate as much of the pure flavour of the shatter. It is also, in general, a wasteful way to consume shatter and great weed. Whether buying our great weed in Canada or our great shatter, smoking it in a joint is a method to use if you have no other alternative.
  • Vaporizer: Many vaping devices are perfect for shatter. Vaping is probably the most efficient use of this extract, plus you can get the full flavour of the terpenes without the destruction of combustion. Canna Wholesalers offers both the desktop vaporizer and the portable version. Although desktop vaporizers are not effective with shatter, the portable versions and pens are compatible with vaping. The indirect heating of the shatter in a vaporizer creates a vaper that holds the flavour of the terpenes. This technology allows you to adjust the temperature range for just the right release of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Dabbing: A dab rig is very much like a bong. This is a glass pipe with a heated nail that allows you to smoke cannabis concentrates like shatter. A dab rig has a vertical chamber and a mouthpiece and then a hole where the “nail” goes. Heat the nail with a butane torch, once it turns red, add a small piece of shatter to the nail. The resulting smoke is then inhaled. Like most cannabis devices, price and quality vary. It is best to purchase a high-quality dab rig as it lasts a long time.

Canna Wholesalers Shatters Concentrates

Buy Canna Wholesalers shatter online and know that you are buying the best, made from the best cannabis in Canada. You might want to make sure you have the best quality vaporizer or dab rig to consume it with, it is worth it. For the best quality at the best prices anywhere, buy from the Canna Wholesalers online dispensary in BC.

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