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How weeds gets popularity around the world

A weed is a plant that goes in unwanted place and this will grow in farm fields, gardens and lawns. The weed does not have any biological importance because a weed is an unwanted thing and not considered to be useful. Sometimes volunteer crops are regarded as weeds. Weeds are usually said to be unwanted plants that grows in many areas.

In some places, the plants that are considered as weeds are grown intentionally in gardens and other cultivation areas. This type are said to be beneficial seeds because they are grown for some purpose. Weed is also a plant that grows and reproduces aggressively outside its habitat. You can find many websites to buy weed online Canada. If not needed, weeds can be controlled by weeding methods. It can be done using hand methods or by using chemicals.

Benefits of weeds

Weeds are used as an important product in some places for many reasons and here are the benefits of weeds listed below.

  • Weeds that grow in garden bring the nutrients and water from bottom to the top of the ground and so they are useful for the microbes and plants.
  • Few weeds break the hardpans and compaction and so thereby controlling erosion.
  • When the weeds continually grow and die, they increase the organic content of the soil which will be very useful.
  • The weeds act as a tool that tells us about the nutritional balance of the soil by their presence.
  • One of the major benefits of weeds is that they give food for microbes and animals.
  • Since they fix nutritional imbalances they have the capacity of improving soils.

Types of weeds

Garden weeds

In the garden there are few plants growing unwontedly among other plants. These weeds make the look of the garden spoiling it and if left unchecked will fill the shades of the plants that we have grown spending money. They also act as reservoirs for pests and diseases and will reduce the air flow between plants spreading diseases.

Agricultural weeds

Weeds that are grown in agricultural lands will cause damage to crops that reduces productivity and contaminating harvests. The land owners are spending money to remove the weeds. The weeds that grow in the lands are harmful to animals.

Other advantages of weeds

  • Weeds when placed below will add nutrients and organic matter.
  • They check winds or water erosion by soil binding effect.
  • They have medicinal value for many diseases.
  • They have economic importance and serves as ornamental plants.

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