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Tips You Need to Check Out Before You Travel with Cannabis in Canada

Canna Wholesalers Answers Your Questions About Traveling with Weed in Canada

Although it has been legal to buy weed online in Canada since 2018, you still need to pay close attention to the ever-changing regulations and the rather complicated stipulations, if you are thinking of travelling with cannabis in your possession.

You may enjoy the benefits of being able to buy cheap weed online but knowing what your travel restrictions are is important.

Keep in mind that it is still illegal to transport cannabis in any form across the Canadian border.

You may not transport cannabis across the Canadian border:

  • Even if you use cannabis medically (even cannabis-based CBD)
  • Even if you are travelling to another location that has legalized or decriminalized cannabis.

We’d like you to understand all of the miscellaneous restrictions, so we are outlining all the details here.

Federal Rules

Canada’s latest Cannabis Act has placed responsibility regarding regulations that determine cannabis use and possession, solely in the hands of each territory or province. This includes amounts, legal age, and use of cannabis in public. Keep in mind that although the general rules from one local jurisdiction to another are similar, there will also be some very specific government-wide restrictions for use and possession. You should be sensitive to the details because the provinces or territories do differ in legal amounts and usage restrictions.

Answers to Important Questions

May I fly within Canada with cannabis on my person?

Yes. As long as you observe the possession limit and the age requirement, as stated for use by the government, flying with cannabis inside the territory of Canada is completely legal. When you fly within Canada, travellers are allowed to carry about 30 grams of cannabis in their check-in or carry-on luggage.

May I travel outside of Canada with cannabis?

No. Transporting any products containing cannabis across Canadian borders, or any international border is illegal, and unless you want to be arrested for possession and trafficking cannabis, and create complicated legal problems for yourself, simply avoid this activity altogether, whether you are entering or leaving Canada. You could face serious criminal penalties, both at home and abroad, and have your visa revoked.

May I drive while possessing cannabis?

Driving while high is illegal, like alcohol. Driving under the influence of anything is illegal. So, it is completely mandatory that you are not under the influence of cannabis when driving. However, if you have cannabis in your car, but are not driving under the influence, it is best to do the research about the province you are travelling into and find out how much they allow to be in your possession. You can avoid some unpleasant surprises by doing this.

If you have other questions reading travel and cannabis, please contact us. We are always here for you. Canna Wholesalers gives you access to wholesale cannabis online, but we also want to be your source of information.

Enjoy Your Freedom to Use Cannabis in Canada

Canna Wholesalers wants you to respect the law and stay safe. We’re here to help.

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