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What is THC Distillate and How is it Used?

THC Distillate

THC distillate “sap,” as it is called, is a 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled tetrahydrocannabinol, the end product of a distillation process. A similar process to distilling alcohol, yet a relatively new process for marijuana, THC distillate is “sappy” in that it is a translucent golden, and fairly viscous liquid. For the reasons of purity and potency, it is worth more by weight than most other concentrates, but it is suitable for medical use and recreational use alike. For patients, the precision of the dose and quick delivery is desirable, for experienced recreational users, the potency is a definite plus.

This is a different type of high. The distillation process leaves the cannabinoid pure and unaltered and extracts some of the purest forms of the cannabinoids, so there is nothing to get in the way of the unadulterated effect.

Creating THC Distillates

A distillate is made in a lab using a “short path distillation process” (or molecular distillation). Cannabis needs to be vaporized at a high boiling point, so this device is ideal because of the instrument’s high-powered vacuum, which allows cannabis to distill at a much lower temperature.

This distillation process separates every compound from cannabis, from pesticides and plant matter to THC, terpenes, lipids, and much more. The process has two parts, the first is to remove the cannabinoids and the second part removes the lipids, impurities, and solvents.

Consuming THC Distillates

THC distillates can be consumed in a variety of ways. Although this form of concentrate is relatively new, there are many ways to use THC distillate. The following methods are effective and proven.

A Vaping Pen:

A vaping pen that allows you to reload its tanks is ideal for consuming THC distillate. By using a ceramic coil-over cotton coil, you won’t interfere with the flavor. This method will allow you to enjoy the terpenes as well as the THC. You can buy Canna Wholesalers’ quality Canadian vaporizer products on our site along with our high-quality cannabis products.

An Oral Method:

Whether used in the preparation of an edible or placing drops under your tongue. You may consume THC with or without the added flavor of the terpenes.

A Bong or Dab Rig:

This is a quite popular and less wasteful way to inhale the vapor from the distillate.

A Joint: If you love smoking marijuana, spread distillate on a rolling paper. You won’t use as much flower. This little addition will also improve the overall smoke.

The Distillate Effect

A purified and potent distillate is going to affect you immediately. This is great for those who need immediate pain relief. Like anything, different people are looking for different things. There is something to be said for the richness of the full-on bud, it is less medicinal. However, for those looking for an impactful THC experience, distillates deliver.

Canna Wholesalers is More Than a Dispensary

Carefully crafting THC distillate is one thing we take great pride in, but it isn’t the only thing. Quality is only as good as what goes into it. That is why we source our high-quality weed in BC. It is simply the highest quality cannabis in Canada. When you buy concentrates in Canada, think of Canna Wholesalers and give our premium distillate products a try.

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