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BudExpressNOW & Cannawholesalers

If you are wondering which online dispensary gives you the best deal for your buck take a look at this article. We will review each shop’s available varieties, especially the Weed and Concentrates, then we will check which one has the prices, the different quantities that can be bought in both stores and finally the different deals available for the customers.

It is important to highlight that both online dispensaries have been in the market since the beginning of legalization for recreational use in 2018. Even if both websites offer the same products they have some differences, this is important for you to know which they are in order to make the right decision for your next purchase.

BudExpressNOW & Cannawholesalers: the differences

Weed Variety

In BudExpressNOW you can find around 20 different strains including Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Strains, which might not be enough for most of the stoners searching for their favourite strain. In fact, there is a good probability that you won’t find it. This is why it is always good for cannabis consumers to have a larger inventory to choose from.

At Cannawholesalers you can find around a hundred of different unique strains from AA grade to AAAA and from 1gr to a pound. You will find most of the iconic strains available and if not, don’t worry because they frequently renew their inventory so you’re sure to find a strain that will be perfect for your needs.

BudExpressNOW  VS Cannawholesalers: Deals & Offers

At BudExpressNOW there are not many special offers or deals going on, only the basic ones. For example, you can accumulate points, for every dollar spent, you will have 10 points that you can redeem for your next purchase… They also have the classic Refer a friend: Give $50 discount on first purchase and, Get $20.

At Cannawholesalers there are many differents deals and offers going on. You have deals such as:

Current Deals