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Bulkweedinbox & Cannawholesalers: Which is the best?

If you are wondering which online dispensary you should buy your weed from between the two take a look at this article. We will review shop variety, especially the Weed, then we will check the different offers available, which one has the best prices and finally the different quantities that can be bought in both stores and finally the different deals available for the customers.

First, it is important to highlight that both online dispensaries are legit in the Canadian Cannabis market. They have been in the market since the beginning of legalization for recreational use in 2018. Even if both websites have the same offer, they have some differences, this is important for you to know which they are in order to make the right decision for your next purchase.

Bulkweedinbox & Cannawholesalers: the differences

Weed Variety

In Bulkweedinbox you can find around 100 different strains including Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Strains, which means Bulkweedinbox has one of the largest inventory in the Online Dispensary World.

At Cannawholesalers you can find around the same amount of strains from AA grade to AAAA for the most potent ones; from the most iconic ones such as the Purple Space Cookie to the most exotic strain! If you can’t find the one you are craving, don’t worry because they are often renewing their inventory so you’re sure to find the right fit for your needs.

Deals & Offers: Bulkweedinbox VS Cannawholesalers

In Bulkweedinbox they offer up to 45% Discount on weed ounces, they also have special offers on Quarter Pounds of weed and half ounces of shatter.

At Cannawholesalers there are many differents deals and offers going on. You have deals such as:

Bulkweedinbox VS Cannawholesalers: Best prices?

As both online dispensaries have pretty much the same offers as well as the prices which are pretty similar. The only thing that will vary from one to another will be the difference of strains, you might find your favourite one at Cannawholesalers and not Bulkweedinbox or vice versa.

If you are looking for the cheapest weed ounce you can one as low as $85  at Cannawholesalers.

Quantities: Bulkweedinbox VS Cannawholesalers

Again it is hard to say which one is best as both have bulk offers for weed pounds. I would suggest you pay attention to the prices on both websites for the type of weed and strains you are looking for.

At Cannawholesalers as you might have guessed, it is in their brand name… they provide great deals for bulk & Wholesale. They are actually one of the cheapest online dispensaries in Canada. One important thing at Cannawholesalers, they can provide big quantities of hash at the best price in the market!

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