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Cannabis Edibles

Consuming cannabis by eating an edible, results in a whole different experience than smoking cannabis. One of the dilemmas is that it is tasty and so it tempting to eat more. We want to start by offering you this recommendation, if you are trying edibles for the first time, start by eating very little and then waiting for about an hour for the big crescendo to happen first.

Concentrates like edibles are a powerful and precise way to know the details regarding your consumption. Everyone has a different tolerance level, which relates to the potency of the edible. Try 10 to 20 mg first and see how it affects you. Once you determine your tolerance level, you can modify your dose.

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We offer Albertans our entire assortment of online edibles to choose from.

  • Capsules: This is the most discrete and convenient way to dose. For those who either don’t like smoking or are not in a situation conducive to smoking this is ideal. For many medical patients, this is the consumption method of choice.
  • Tinctures: This is a fast, easy, discrete, and effective way to dose. Another effective way of administering CBD treatment, it is deeply soothing and delivers a body effect.
  • Candies: From gummies, soda bottles, and sour squares, to jelly bombs, this is an easy, tasty, and precise way to control your THC or CBD dosage. Our candies vary in dosage so that all Albertans can have the optimum result. We craft our candies with the highest levels of quality and keep your safety a top priority.
  • Chocolates: Like our candies, our chocolate edibles are carefully crafted to deliver precise doses of THC and CBD. Also like our candies, they are tasty, so be cautious as to how much you consume before you know what is going on. Chocolates are a great way to medically dose. Medical marijuana is an effective treatment for anxiety, pain, migraines, insomnia, inflammation, and nausea.

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When you buy edibles online in Alberta, Canna Wholesalers brings a full complement at the best price anywhere. When you buy from Canna Wholesalers you are buying at bulk prices. For medical purposes, in particular, this means constancy in quality, availability, and safety. You will always know precisely what you are dosing. At Canna Wholesalers, we’re here to help you.

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