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Buy MoonRocks Online in Alberta

Concentrates in the Canna Wholesalers Collection

Moonrocks are among the Canna Wholesalers collection of concentrates, that includes Shatter (potent and precise), CBD Crystalline Isolate (99.2% pure CBD), Bubba Kush Diamonds (the strongest concentrate, 99% to 100% pure), Animal Cookies Budder (THC levels at 17% to 21%), and Afghan Kush Honey Crystals (with a higher terpene count than shatter).

The best way to create great concentrates is to start with great strains. All of the Canna Wholesalers concentrates start with the finest Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. We know that to end up with the best possible quality, you have to start with the best quality flowers.

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Moonrocks from Canna Wholesalers in BC

By Buying Moonrocks online in Alberta from Canna Wholesalers, you’re buying the best that Canada’s cannabis heartland has to offer. Originally, Moonrocks were said to be developed by the West Coast rapper Kurupt, at Starbudz 760, but it has come a long way.

Making Moonrocks is always a concentrated effort, we combine weed and hash oil, then we roll it in kief. Canna Wholesalers Kief has very high levels of THC. The report, although varied, is that it yields about 50% THC potency. Although there are higher THC levels, the Moonrock high is said to be higher than any other cannabis experience. We think that there is more to cannabis than THC.

A great Moonrock high is said to start in the head but then spread through your entire body. A slow burn, the effects are felt instantly but then build, and keep building. Moonrocks are too gooey to roll, but you can enjoy a full, terpene-rich smoke in a pipe or bong that can satisfy any advanced cannabis connoisseur. But be advised, although quite a creative high, this is an experience not meant for high achievers, and you might keep the glass of water close before the high kicks in.

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Buy the Best Moonrocks Online, in Alberta from Canna Wholesalers

Like Alberta, the best way to describe Moonrocks is less about all the things that make it, and more about experiencing it. The vastness of the Alberta province, the varied geography, and the culture of the art, customs and traditions, make the province a good fit for Canna Wholesalers. Fortunately, Alberta is one of the centers of the universe, because when you buy weed online, especially Moonrocks, from Canna Wholesalers, you want to find it, and stay there.

  • Weed: choose between the best Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, AA, AAA, AAAA strains.
  • Hash: from afghani hash to Moroccan hash and kief we have a large variety, most of them are from BC local producers
  • Cannabis concentrates: shatters, phoenix tears, oil
  • Edibles: chocolate, candies, oil capsules, tinctures
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