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Buy MOONROCKS Online in BC

One of our proudest achievements, MOONROCKS are one of our concentrated products that include Afghan Kush Honey Crystals (a higher terpene count than shatter), Bubba Kush Diamonds (the strongest concentrate, 99% to 100% potency), Animal Cookies Budder (17% to 21% THC levels), CBD Crystalline Isolate (99.2% Pure CBD) and Shatter (with its precision and potency).

Specifically, you start with our finest weed, dip it in hash oil, then roll it in kief. This over-the-top effect begins in the head and moves throughout the body. This slow-burn does produce a great initial high, but it builds and builds from there.

Reported to be higher than any other cannabis experience, MOONROCKS typically yields about a 50% THC potency. As you may very well know, there is more to a cannabis high than just THC. The MOONROCKS experience is a “find your place in the universe” sort of high. Our MOONROCKS give you one of those face-numbing experiences.

You are in BC. The heartland of the best Canadian cannabis. So, you know all about the perfect growing environment.

Buy MOONROCKS online from Canna Wholesalers

When you buy MOONROCKS online in BC from the Canna Wholesalers dispensary, you are buying the best. It just also happens to be easy. We have the best selection and have the best price to quality ratio anywhere.

We use the Canadian grading system (A to AAAA) as a way to make sure that you get the highest quality possible for the price.

So, buying MOONROCKS has never been easier, and you are assured of the highest quality, consistently. This is a way to assure you are buying nothing but the best.

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Canna Wholesalers is by far your easiest way to buy MOONROCKS online. When you buy any of our weed online, the selection is such that you need to go nowhere else to find what you want. We offer the best selection of cannabis products anywhere in BC or all of Canada for that matter.

Canna Wholesalers keeps your privacy and safety a top priority. All deliveries are unmarked, with no identification as the contents. Your package will never produce any identifying odour and our software encryption protects your identity throughout the entire process. Canna Wholesalers is always here to help make your experience easy and enjoyable.

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