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Buy Edibles Online in BC

Edibles are ideal for those who would prefer not smoking cannabis, and need either discretion and convenience, or simply a way to consume cannabis without smoke. Depending upon what you are looking for, edibles, or cannabis-infused food, can differ greatly in either CBD potency or THC potency. This is largely determined by whether you need cannabis to treat a medical condition or for recreational reasons.

Our growers here in BC are experts at crafting just the right balance for your needs. Canna Wholesalers, located right here in BC, offers a variety of products on our online dispensary, from cannabis-infused drinks, baked goods, and cooking butter and oils, to tinctures and capsules.

The Best Edibles in BC

Among our Extensive Offering…

There are lots of edible products to choose from. Our basic categories include:

  • Capsules: We carry a full line of capsules in both CBD and THC and a spectrum of balances in between. Potency ranges from 10mg to 100mg.
  • Candies: Our extensive selection of candies offer a wide range of potency and comes in a wide range of dweebs, gummies, jelly bombs and more.
  • Chocolates: With milk chocolate, white chocolate, and cookies and cream, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and choose between 80 mg per square, 300 mg per square, or 1200mg per bar. Or try a package of about 5 to 10 milk chocolate almonds.
  • Tinctures: Our products include Phoenix Tears (a full spectrum CBD isolate, or THC).

Canna Wholesalers Edibles

Edibles are usually purchased by people who fall into the medical market category. They are typically not as interested in the psychoactive effects of THC, but rather the therapeutic benefits of CBD, and they are largely interested in the ease and convenience of the non-smoking option. Canna Wholesales is also ideal for medical patients because we cater to bulk buying, which means that a patient is well-supplied with critically needed doses. And they can benefit from the wholesale prices that go with it.

When you consider the premium quality of BC cannabis at the best possible price, that represents the best value online. That is Canna Wholesalers, we’re here for you in BC.

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