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Buy Hybrid Flowers Online in BC

Buy Hybrid Cannabis Flowers Online in BC

Canna Wholesalers has a wide variety of cannabis flowers to offer our BC clients. We are located in the heart of Canada’s prime growing country and we have close, long-standing relationships with the local growers. Get a pure, naturally grown product online in BC. We have Indica, Sativa, and the best of both worlds– hybrid. All of our strains are graded AA to AAAA, with the best quality-price ratio in the country.

Perfectly Balanced Hybrids

Among our offering of world-class weed in BC are our hybrid strains. We represent our BC producers well and stay vigilantly focused on quality.

Modern marijuana consists largely of hybrid strains. The popularity comes from the ability to vary the balance of both Indica and Sativa strains, altering the character for the needs of the individual user. The consumer can now receive energy, creativity, and headiness, along with benefiting from a relaxing, peaceful effect, and some pain relief.

Our hybrid strains aren’t only a perfect balance for your individual needs, they are also well known. Here are some names you may recognize:

Bruce Banner: As the name suggests, this strain has some hidden strengths that reveal themselves in some pretty powerful ways, due to its very high THC content. It comes on strong and provides a euphoric and creative buzz. Bruce Banner contains a 25 to 29% THC to 1% CBD ratio.

Purple Space Tuna: This gooey, terpene-pungent variety is a favourite. Purple Space Tuna contains a 25 to 29% THC to 1 to 2% CBD ratio.

Tangerine Haze: If you’re dreaming of citrus, this has the Sativa terpene that gives it that distinctive quality. Valued by patients and recreational users alike, this variety is known for its zesty tangerine and floral aroma. Tangerine Haze contains an 11 to 15% THC to 1% CBD ratio.

Holy Grail Kush: A newer strain, quickly gaining in popularity. It is a perfect score, just ask the folks at the High Times Cannabis Cup. This pungent candy contains a 26 to 30% THC to 1 to 2% CBD ratio.

Canna Wholesalers Is Here in BC With the Best Bud at the Best Price Available

You deserve nothing but the best hybrids, and we have them. Some of our strains are famous, some soon will be. There is more than one benefit for you when buying bulk weed online from Canna Wholesalers. First, the quality/price ratio is the best in the market. Second, you’ll be less likely to run out of your favourite hybrid, by buying in bulk.

As our reviews reveal, people are more than happy with our quality. You will be too. Call us or visit. We’re here to help.

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