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Buy Kief Online in BC

Buy Kief Online from Canna Wholesalers in BC

Great Kief Comes from Great Flowers

Kief is the best of the flower and Canna Wholesalers has the best of the Kief. Our Kief is derived from the best BC cannabis flowers representing the IndicaSativa, and Hybrid strains. Buy Kief online from Canna Wholesalers in BC and you’ll be able to choose between the best of each strain. We have the Indica strain which has a rich earthy aroma, is high in CBDs, providing a relaxing body buzz, and is good therapy for a number of ailments. We have the Sativa strain with a citrus and spice aroma. It is higher in cannabinoids, with high levels of THC, it delivers a more active and socializing high. Then there’s our Hybrid strain, hybridized from both Indica and Sativa strains. This strain has a variety of balances for the needs of the individual and is a popular choice for modern marijuana.

Kief Described

Kief is a concentrate made from dewy droplets of resin covering the flower or bud of the cannabis plant. These are called trichomes and they are the most potent part of the cannabis flower, holding the terpenes and cannabinoids. Kief has traditionally been used to make hash, but it can also be used to enhance the potency of weed by sprinkling over a joint or “crowning a bowl.”

Why You Should Buy Kief from Canna Wholesalers

You will find that there are many well-known Kief products on our online dispensary site, from Kandy Kush to Cannatonic Kief. This is a great way to determine what balance is best for you. Our THC to CBD balance is very precise.

The perfect balance that Canna Wholesalers brings is the balance of the highest quality at the best price available. Buy weed online from Canna Wholesalers and you’ll also find the best choice in online Kief in British Columbia.

Another great reason to buy Kief online from Canna Wholesalers in British Columbia is because we make sure that your purchase is safe, secure, and private. Your package arrives unmarked and vacuum-sealed making it completely odourless. Canna Wholesalers also makes sure to keep your information protected with encrypted backend software.

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