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Buy Sativa Flowers Online In Canada

Because of our expert BC-based producers, we offer you a wide variety of weed strains and deliver them all over the country. All of our flowers are monitored and controlled to ensure the best quality to our customers. We maintain a grading system for our strains. It goes from AA up to AAAA. From there you can decide which strain is right for you.

Our Sativa flowers are of the highest quality on the market. We also have the best quality-price ratio in the country. If you do find the identical strain on another online store, and it is listed at a lower price, we’ll gladly match that price.

Originating from equatorial regions like Mexico, Columbia, or South East Asia, Sativa is a slimmer and taller plant than Indica, with narrower leaves. It typically has higher THC levels and lower CBD levels. Smoking this flower produces an uplifting euphoric feeling, and provides a cheerful, energizing, and socializing effect. It also enhances creative thinking.

The Canna Wholesalers Sativa Flower

There are several Sativa flowers on our online dispensary Sativa page. We do have a consistent rotation of strains so never fear, we will steer you toward the best Sativa strain available at the time on our site. We are always critical regarding our quality. We make sure that all of our Sativa flowers are of the highest quality and are properly grown, dried and cured.

We evaluate our Sativa flowers on more subjective levels as well. This means we are evaluating the smoothness, the taste, and the richness, making sure it is always top-shelf.

A Taste of Our Sativa Flowers

One taste of our Sativa flowers and you’ll be able to tell that no pesticides are used. All of our growers abide by our strict guidelines and quality control tests. Our clients taste our consistent quality, they know we’ll make sure it always has a rich flavour.

Overall, as opposed to Indica (which has an earthy or skunky smell), Sativa has more of a citrus or fruit flavour, sometimes to the point of spicy. Not a surprising comparison when you consider the difference in effect between the two.

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