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Buy Concentrates Online in Canada

CannaWholesalers offers a wide variety of cannabis concentrates online in Canada. Experienced marijuana smokers in particular appreciate that we offer such high-quality concentrates at the best prices on the market.

Our Concentrate Online Offerings

Here you’ll find kush (Our Afghan Kush Honey Crystals have a higher moisture and terpene content than shatter), budder(is a great option for a hot knife or vaping), moonrocks (known for their delicious smell and taste, are best consumed in a bong or pipe), kief (can be orchestrated in a variety of balances between CBD and THC for a relaxing buzz), cbd isolate (is derived from hemp oil extracted from mature plants. It can be crystalline or powdered), shatter (most of our shatters are hybrid strains with varying percentages of Sativa to Indica. A great way to dial in your formula), sauces (this extract has a sticky liquid consistency. Typically the most flavourful extract, it contains high levels of terpenes), crystals (provide calming relaxation to mind and body, while allowing you to be functional and energetic, it has a sweet caramel and pine aroma), diamonds (this is a more recent and highly sought after concentrate for cannabis aficionados. They are the strongest form of concentrate available), resin (for strong, relaxing, indica-dominant, medication, with some sativa effects), capsules (these can contain oils of CBD isolate or various THC/CBD balances, or various sativa/indica balances), hash (we have Moroccan “couch-knocking” hash, Vancouver Island, or Mercedes.

All of these can leave you with a pleasant and relaxing, albeit intense high) tincture (this indica THC tincture is perfect for fast, easy, and discrete use), raw THC distillate (additional refinement of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids create pure cannabis, without the use of solvents), mushroom capsules (are a convenient way to microdose. Made with Cambodian cubensis, these are lab tested and made in Canada), and soothing balms (a highly effective topical, your CB1 and CB2 receptors will easily absorb the cannabis oils contained). We also carry some high-quality products for consuming these cannabis concentrates. There are vape pen cartridges, syringes, sprays, pen kits, batteries, and cartridge refills.

Buy Cannabis Flowers, Hash, Shatter, Edibles, CBD products online in all cities over British Columbia

At Canna Whole Salers, we offer the best weed strain from AA to AAAA grade. You can also buy all Marijuana products, such as CBD, concentrates… here is the extensive list of products we have in store:

  • Weed: choose between the best Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, AA, AAA, AAAA strains.
  • Hash: from afghani hash to Moroccan hash and kief we have a large variety, most of them are from BC local producers
  • Cannabis concentrates: shatters, phoenix tears, oil
  • Edibles: chocolate, candies, oil capsules, tinctures
  • CBD Products: capsules, edibles, isolate

A secure and private way to buy Cannabis in British Columbia

  • Security: When you order your cannabis from Cannawholesalers, you can be assured of your privacy. All packages are discreetly unmarked with no indication of contents on the package. The contents are also double vacuum sealed, making the package completely odourless.
  • Privacy: We keep your information protected on our encrypted backend software to protect all our customers. If you’re looking to buy marijuana online with full privacy, then we are here at your service.
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