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Buy Concentrates Online in Quebec

Canna Wholesalers is concentrating on Quebec

We are concentrated on providing the best concentrates available in Quebec. If you want to offer the best concentrates in Canada, start with the best weed. Our growers in Canada’s cannabis heartland do just that.

We offer a wide selection of concentrates on our online dispensary in Quebec:

Moonrocks: This is said to be one of the biggest highs you will have. Moonrocks deliver a high potency of THC (about 50%), but it takes more than THC to make you higher than any other cannabis experience. This is not for the novice… or the timid.

Phoenix Tears: This concentrate is becoming increasingly popular among medical users. It is said to reduce cancer cell growth, relieve anxiety, induce sleep, promote appetite, nourish the skin, and improve heart health.

Vapes: What is the point of offering the highest quality concentrates unless we can also offer the highest quality in vape devices? High-quality cannabis is only as good as your experience with it. Out wholesale rates apply to these products as well. Our vape oils are made with 2nd passed winterized vape oil with 100% terpene profiles.

Budder: Formed from cannabis wax, our budder is derived from the highest quality trim, cured nugs, or a freshly harvested plant. It has a sweet and sour aroma and provides heavy full-body effects.

Oils: These are the oil aficionado’s oils, the finest oils in Canada, right from our BC producer’s highest quality weed. You can buy them in capsule, tincture, phoenix tears, or cartridge form. You can also choose from a variety of strengths, so you can find one that is right for you.

THCA Diamonds: Interest in concentrates is on the rise. One of the most popular of these is the THCA Diamonds. This unique crystalline form of cannabis is a rare treat for many. At Canna Wholesalers we are proud to make it available and be the premier provider for this wave of interest in THCA Diamonds.

Kief: Buying kief from Canna wholesalers gives you many high-quality options at the best prices. Kief is a natural concentrate like hash. The term “kief” describes those tiny resin beads that cover our cannabis flowers or buds. They are also referred to as trichomes. This is where the plant has most of its cannabinoids and terpenes.

Hash: From our 80 producers in BC, we can offer a wide variety of concentrates. Our hash is a particular focus of ours. The original concentrate, this kief-derived concentrate is offered in a variety of strains from Moroccan hash to the delicate sticky Afghani and the powdery kief extract.

Shatter: This solidified form of BHO Butane hash oil, is one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrate on the market, and we also offer it at the best price on the market. This glassy amber substance is made from the most iconic cannabis strains like Bruce Banner, Lemon Cake, and Pineapple Express.

Buy Concentrates online in Quebec from Canna Wholesalers

Canna Wholesalers is by far your easiest way to buy concentrates online in Quebec. We make it easy to buy concentrates online. You can find them all here on our online dispensary.

When you buy any of our weed online, our selection is such that you need to go nowhere else to find what you want. We offer the best selection of cannabis products anywhere in Quebec and all over Canada.

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