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Buy Sativa Flowers Online in Quebec

Buy our Sativa dominant cannabis flowers online in Quebec. You have full access to all our flowers through the Canna Wholesalers online dispensary.

We remain focused on quality; we have close long-lasting relationships with our growers, which are the best in Canada. They are located in the heartland of Canada’s cannabis growing region in BC, and they’re pretty picky about their bud, so we make sure we work closely with them.

In Quebec, you can buy our pure, naturally grown world-class Sativa dominant strains, graded AA to AAAA, with the best quality-price ratio in the country. All our cannabis, and everyone else’s for that matter, are all hybrids with varying balances of Sativa or Indica influences. It’s high-quality modern hybrid marijuana.

The terms Sativa and Indica say more about the physical characteristics of the plant than anything else. Our hybrid flowers are the culmination of nearly two centuries of cultivation.

Our Sativa Dominant Strains Are Crafted to Energize

Are you interested in a Sativa dominant strain that can produce a more socially interactive effect, achieve more creative perspectives, and reduce anxiety and paranoia? Try our Sativa dominant strain. Popular among recreational users, it provides alertness and energy. This strain contains more THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) and less CBD or Indica. This means that it will deliver more of an active head high, instead of the heavy body-buzz of an Indica dominant strain.

This strain is for the senses. This high includes a more vibrant colour, light, and sound experience.

Quebec Deserves the Best

You’ll find the best at the Canna Wholesalers online dispensary. That not only means the best quality, but it also means the best price. When you buy in bulk quantities from Canna Wholesalers, you are far less likely to run out of your favourite strain. So, buy weed online.

You’re Safe in Quebec

Canna Wholesalers has a system that consistently assures your safety and privacy. When you buy from our online dispensary, your personal information is protected by our backend encryption software. When your package arrives, there are no markings on it, nor any indication of the contents. The contents are double vacuum sealed so no odour can be detected.

At Canna Wholesalers, we’re here to help.

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