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THC Distillate Vape Kit w/ 0.5ML Cartridge (Battery Included)

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Product Description

Our in-house made Top Quality Distillate Vaporizer. This is not your ordinary vape pen! Our oil is made with 2nd passed winterized vape oil with 100% real terpene profiles.

This concentrate pen kit consists of one cartridge, one c-cell(m3) battery (510 threaded), and one charger. The cartridge contains 0.5 ml oil. The battery comes approximately 60% charged.

Good for 100-200 Puffs
Compatible with most batteries

THC: 92-97%
This product comes with a charger, battery and 0.5ML vape cartridge

Indica: Blueberry

Hybrid: Green Apple, Watermelon,

Sativa: Tangie, Pineapple Express

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