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Blue Moonrock – Budget Ounce AAAA

  • THC: 26-30%
  • CBD: >1%

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Product Description

*Mixed Flower Ounce Discounts DO NOT APPLY to budget ounces*

Bud Size: Medium
Texture: Dense / Frosty

Flavours: Floral / Blueberry / Sweet

THC levels can top 18% in Blue Moon Rocks, an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing BOG Bubble with Blue Moon (sativa/indica ratio of roughly 30:70). That makes this a relatively potent choice for treating a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, low mood, migraines, headaches, muscle spasms and multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and everyday stresses. Expect rather strong effects, with an intense but calming body buzz and a potent dose of euphoria. On the other hand, Blue Moon Rocks is not a great choice for treating conditions that respond to CBD, such as epilepsy, as there is very little of that chemical in this strain, much less than 1%. The nugs are round, dense, and sticky, with blue and purple hues and a healthy dusting of trichomes. Both the flavor and aroma have notes of berry and tea, while the taste also has hints of lavender and the tropics. There are few widespread reports on the side effects of this strain, but tokers can probably expect the usual: dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia. Found on the medical markets of the West Coast and in Arizona, Blue Moon Rocks is much harder to find in other places, including the black market.

One of our best strains we offer at Cannawholesalers!

  • 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great bud for a great price, herb hits pretty good, smells awesome and taste good

  • 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Excellent weed for an awesome price, pretty potent stuff! Definitely helps with sleeplessness

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