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If you want the best of the flower, Canna Wholesalers Kief is it. We have a wide selection of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Kief. This is important because whichever you choose, you’ll get quite a potent dose of it. One is sure to match or exceed your expectations. As always you have not only found the highest-quality selection, you have found the best prices anywhere.

More About Kief

Like hash, Kief is a concentrate. It is the name given to a collection of those little droplets or globules of resin found on the flower or bud of a cannabis plant. It is a potent part of the cannabis flower called a trichome, which is found concentrated in this part of the plant and hold the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Trichomes are actually a defence mechanism for the cannabis plant. It confuses and discourages herbivores and the scent attracts pollinating insects. For Canna Wholesalers it is a versatile concentrate that can be used to amplify the potency of weed and refine its consistency. You can use it to “crown a bowl” or sprinkle it over a joint.

Our Kief Comes from the Best Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Strains

Sativa strains produce a citrus and spice aroma and are higher in cannabinoids, and high levels of THC, but lower levels of CBD. Their effect is more of an active or socializing high. Indica strains exude a richer earthy aroma and are higher in CBDs, which is good therapy for a number of ailments. Their effects are more of a relaxing body-buzz. Hybrid strains result from hybridizing both Sativa and Indica strains in a balance that is just right for an individual, making them the most popular. They are considered the “best-of-breed” and labelled as “modern marijuana.”

Choose Canna Wholesalers for Your Kief

Once you choose to shop for Kief on the Canna Wholesalers site, you’ll discover that there is a lot of notable products to choose from. You’ll find everything from Cannatonic Kief to Kandy Kush Kief.

With Canna Wholesalers You Can Find Out What is Right for You

Kief is a great way to find out what balance is right for you. That is because it is a precise way to balance the strains’ THC / CBD content. We want to help you choose the balance that is best for you. One thing is certain, we have both quality and price in a perfect balance. When you combine quality and price, that is a great value. Buy Kief online in Canada. We are the best choice for online Kief in Canada.

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