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Count MOONROCK weed among the Canna Wholesalers concentrate collection, which includes Afghan Kush Honey Crystals (higher terpene count than shatter), Animal Cookies Budder (THC levels at 17% to 21%), Bubba Kush Diamonds (the strongest concentrate, 99% to 100% potency), CBD Crystalline Isolate (99.2% Pure CBD), and Shatter (effective, precise, potent).

Said to have been developed at Starbudz 760 with the West Coast Rapper Kurupt, MOONROCKS have a very pleasant Terpene-rich taste. Developed for the experienced cannabis smoker, the smoke is thick and rich. MOONROCKS is an unusually moist concentrate, so it is best to smoke it in a glass pipe or bong, rather than rolling it into a joint. It is thick and greasy and hard to keep lit. But if you add it to a flower in your bowl, it should hold an ember.

MOONROCKS is One of Canna Wholesalers’ Concentrated Efforts

Start with great weed and hash oil (dipped in or sprayed), then roll it in Kief. Our MOONROCKS expresses a high level of THC. Results vary, but typically they yield around a 50% THC potency. It is said that a Moon Rock high is higher than any other cannabis experience.

The effect starts in the head and spreads through the body. Over-all it is a slow burn, but it also produces initial effects. Then, it just keeps building.


MOONROCKS is one of those “find your center of the universe” sort of experiences. Don’t expect to feel your face for a while. You might as well write off the entire day, well, the normal day anyway. Make sure you find your source of hydration ahead of time because you don’t want to go looking for it later.

So be advised, MOONROCKS will get you super high. If you like or need a high dose of THC, a little goes a long way. It’s a big bang for your buck. But be sure to handle them with care, they’re sorta messy.

MOONROCKS are recommended for advanced cannabis consumers. They do pack a punch.

So, here’s some advice:

  • Don’t try to set up tasks to do or places to go. You can’t. You shouldn’t.
  • Eat something ahead of time. MOONROCKS are so potent you could actually get nauseous with an empty stomach.
  • Stay hydrated. Cottonmouth is real.
  • Find your couch. Or whatever safe place you have.
  • Go slow. It is easy to over-do it.

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