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Buy Shatters Online in Canada

As concentrates increase in popularity, the potency level, and possibly the look and feel, may throw off the average consumer. The experts at Canna Wholesalers offer a wide selection of high-quality concentrates. As a wholesaler, we also offer these concentrates at the best prices anywhere.

The Best Wholesale Shatter Online in Canada

Shatter is one clean concentrate. Canna Wholesalers’ shatter is made from the highest quality butane hash oil available. We are in a great position to offer you the highest quality shatter available at wholesale prices. As with all of our products we start with the best cannabis growers in Canada and maintain a precise process that results in exacting doses. This concentrate is potent but highly accurate. Our shatter is a smooth and terpene tasty way to consume.

Our special filtration process is just one way we assure the purity of our Shatter. Once you light it you’ll receive the pleasing smooth smell of terpenes. A lighter colour, a stable constitution, and a pleasing smell will all be part of a great Shatter experience.

Look no further than Canna Wholesalers for the Best Shatter in Canada

Cannawholesalers has relationships with some pretty picky producers. When you add in the highest standards of quality anywhere, even the most discriminating smokers consider our Shatter to be the best quality at the best price on the market, mostly because of the purity of the process, reflected in the glass-like appearance.

Our Shatter can reach a THC level of 90%, one of the most potent Shatters on the market. If this is your first experience, treat it with respect.

We make sure we quality check all of our Shatter so that you only end up with the best possible result, consistently, every time. Whether you need a single gram or a quantity up to 8 ounces, our shatter satisfies even the most discriminating smokers.

At Canna Wholesalers, Great Strains Make Great Shatter

We take every measure to make sure that we provide the best Shatter available. We start with the best strains and maintain unmatched vigilance so that you get nothing but the best when you order from our site. The best balance of high-quality and price is online at Canna Wholesalers. At Canna Wholesalers, we’re here to help

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  • Security: When you order your cannabis from Cannawholesalers, you can be assured of your privacy. All packages are discreetly unmarked with no indication of contents on the package. The contents are also double vacuum sealed, making the package completely odourless.
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